Latest Activities on the Writing Biz Front

I had a wonderful time on September 24 at the Chicago Writers Conference listening to writers' practice pitches for agents. This was a super fun activity for me, one for which I may be a natural (a surprise to me). Nervous/confident writers told me their plots, their angles, and their target markets, and I helped them to narrow the scope of their three-line pitch. Maybe this is new career possibility! I had some sweet follow-ups, as well:

  • "Your help on how to prepare a pitch was very beneficial, and you gave me plenty of wonderful recommendations on how to improve it so that I felt well prepared for my pitch to an agent."
  • "I want you to know that your advice on framing/telling the story of my dark comedy was invaluable. I boiled it down, told it clearly and concisely.  . . . Four of four agents asked for manuscript.