Lecture on Maintaining Creative Stamina, Graham School, U of Chicago

I delivered a lecture on maintaining creative stamina in December, and I was able to talk about one of my favorite books about writing, written by Dorothea Brande, called Becoming a WriterPublished in 1934, Brande attributes most of the problems writers have getting work out there to psychological blocks, such as perfectionism, lack of discipline, rather than to "talent." The Graham School News reported about my presentation as such:

"The first presentation of the Open House came from Eileen Favorite, author of the novel The Heroines and a Writer’s Studio instructor whose upcoming winter, spring, and summer classes include Advanced Prose Workshop and Writing a Novel Synopsis. In a presentation entitled “Maintaining Creative Stamina,” she described, assessed, and sought to do away with some of the major barriers beginning and advanced writers grapple with as they try to accomplish the writing they want. Recalling one of her favorite responses to the toll of perfection many writers exact upon themselves, a toll whose effects on frustration and procrastination she insisted could not be emphasized too much, Ms. Favorite quoted poet William Stafford, who, in response to being asked how he managed to write, said: “I lower my standards.”