Selected Poetry

Two New Poems in Punctuate

Click on this link to read two new poems: "Laundry Chute" and "Another Moon Poem."

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Poem in Rust Belt Anthology, Chicago

Eileen Favorite, Rust Belt AnthologyI'm delighted to have my poem, "Mornings with Sarah Jindra" included in this wonderful anthology from Belt Magazine.


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In Whole Foods Market

“In Whole Foods Market” by Eileen Favorite in Poetry East, No. 53Poetry East, 53, (2004).

A sonnet about love and loss


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Embarkation by Eileen Favorite, in DiagramDiagram 2.2, (2003).

A sonnet written from a write-a-dream exercise


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On the Burren

The Spoon River Poetry Review, 28.1, (2003).

A poem written about a day trip during a writing conference in Ireland with Billy Collins and Brenda Shaughnessy 


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Self-Portrait as Heedless Heroine & Sorrow without Tricyclics

“Self-Portrait as Heedless Heroine” and “Sorrow without Tricyclics” by Eileen Favorite, in FolioFolio, Winter (2002).

Two poems about love and loss


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After the Funeral

“After the Funeral” by Eileen Favorite, in Poetry East No. 42Poetry East, 42, (1996).

A sonnet about love and loss


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